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Thuan Loi BP JSC is an enterprise operating in the fields of manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting wood, and manufacturing wood pellets.

  • Detail planets supplied to export furniture processing companies, rubberwood embryos as raw materials for furniture production, furniture decoration

  • Fuel, rubberwood pellets, cashew wood, planted wood


The company was born in the trend of demand for wood products from planted forests of the domestic market and the world increasingly high in both quantity and quality. This trend opens up great opportunities for the manufacturing industry to supply wood products to Vietnamese businesses. However, wood product suppliers in Vietnam are currently facing the following challenges:

  • Product quality is not stable due to unstable material supply, outdated technology, poor management.

  • The quantity supplied on large orders is not guaranteed due to the lack of links with the material suppliers.

  • The source of the material is not transparent.

  • Too focused on profitability, lack of interest in the interests of stakeholders.


With that in mind, our mission is to successfully address the aforementioned challenges with the following available advantages and strong commitments:

1. Product Quality: 

Guaranteed on the basis of a complete combination of quality factors, which are:

  • Modern technology is imported from Germany, the production line is arranged scientifically.

  • Quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001,

  • Stable material sources include three main materials, rubberwood, cashew wood, and plantation timber, ensuring the production according to the quality requirements of the order.

2. Supply Capacity:

  • Wood billet products

  • Wood pellets: 7,000 tons / month

With the advantage of abundant material area on an area of nearly 500,000 hectares in Binh Phuoc province, dubbed the capital of the country on cashew and rubber trees, the area of liquidation for replanting is about 10% annually, so the reserves Wood material is very large and stable. In the context of this material area, the company has had many years of relationship with individuals and businesses planting rubber and cashew trees for many years on the purchase and sale of wood materials supplied to the company and its companies. Other wood processing enterprises. Therefore, the Company always ensures a stable supply of raw materials and has the potential to expand the wood material processing capacity more.

3. Source of Materials

With the advantage of the material area as above, the Company certainly ensures the transparent material source. Thuan Loi BP Company is committed to complying with the requirements of FSC standards to contribute to protecting the environment, forest resources in Vietnam and the world. The company aims to establish and maintain the FSC / CoC product chain system in compliance with the requirements of the current FSC standards.

4. Sustainable Development Vision

Modern business philosophy does not see the ultimate goal of business as just profit. The company aims to harmonize the end result of the business with the relationship: SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENT. Accordingly, the economic goal of the Company's profit can only be sustained on the basis of ensuring social and environmental factors. The company has a clear policy for ensuring income, health and labor safety for employees. The company is committed to fully and actively implementing social responsibilities including ensuring the interests of stakeholders such as partners, customers, state agencies and local people...


Thuan Loi BP is committed to doing business the right way to protect the environment and natural resources, continuously improving operational efficiency and sustainable development to benefit the environment. We develop and maintain environmental awareness through training, building and measuring environmental goals, continually developing organizations and workers. We will protect the environment by reducing waste, reducing emissions, reducing consumption of natural resources and energy, and controlling chemicals, limiting use in all raw materials used.

Our commitments:

Produced directly with the available raw materials, along with a professional German production line, gives customers the prestigious quality wooden billet and wood pellets at low prices by being directly produced in workshops, without intermediaries for distribution.

With modern equipment, quality control process in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and strictly controlled raw materials, we ensure that the quality of raw materials meets standards as committed and according to customer requirements. Announcing commitments and seriously implementing policies to ensure sustainable development such as development policies; Quality Policy; Material policy; Policies on occupational health and safety; Policy on environmental objectives.​


Thuan Loi BP commits to complying with the requirements of FSC standards to contribute to protecting the environment, Vietnam forest resources, and the world.

We aim to establish and maintain the Chain of Custody (FSC/CoC) in compliance with the requirements of the current FSC standards.

Thuan Loi BP pledges not to use wood materials from an unknown source, as well as wood materials originating from the following items:

1.       Illegally exploited timber

2.       Timber harvested from areas with infringed civil or traditional rights

3.       Timber harvested from forests with high conservation value that is threatened by management activities

4.       Timber harvested from areas converted from natural forests to planted forests or for purposes of non-forest use

5.       Timber harvested from trees of the genetically modified variety

6.       Violating the international labor convention ILO

This policy takes effect from the date of signing and is disseminated to all Company employees for implementation. The policy is reviewed regularly to ensure compliance with Vietnamese law and FSC standards.

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